Judgment rescissions need not be a complicated process. First we draw a Credit Report to look at your credit score and what reflects on your name. Once we have a this report we can start to do the work by rescinding the judgements 

If you have negative information on your Credit Profile you will struggle to be approved for credit. We make sure the information on your name are correctly listed and make sure of no fraudulent listings against your name with incorrect inf

We make sure that the Garnishee order against your salary are valid and that you are not paying more than you should. We make sure that the Garnishee Order is correctly obtained in the correct court and me might save you money in the proces

If you are  under administration you have an Administrator assisting you with your money and debt obligations. This is not a nice scenario to be in and we assist by helping you to get out of the Admin process. Again we first have to determine yo

If you are under Debt review we will assist. We will guide you on the process so that you can escape from debt without going the expensive legal route.

We are link to various Banks and Credit Providers to assist you with finance for a vehicle,Home Loan or personal loan.Again once we know your credit profile we will assist you are bring you in contact with the correct Credit Provider. We assist wi

Negotiating with your creditors on your behalf takes away the emotional stress involved with dealing with creditors. Quite often creditors are willing to receive a lower full and final settlement. In todays tough economic climate your creditors might
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